Review of Linda Papadopoulos, ‘Sexualisation of Young People Review’

Participations, Vol 7, No 1, 2010

I had no great hopes for Linda Papadopoulos’ Sexualisation of Young People Review and it didn’t disappoint. Commissioned by the Home Office as part of its drive to incorporate research into the policy agenda and, in this instance, to contribute to its formulation of initiatives to combat the problem of violence against women, the review was intended to
uncover the ways in which ‘sexualisation’ has contributed to a climate in which violence against women is condoned. Purposed for government and emerging from within a particular strand of governmentality, there was never any doubt that the report would be one-sided andintellectually suspect. There is little in its litany of complaints and accusations about media effects that audience researchers have not read before – but as with the two similar reports published in the US (APA Report) and Australia (Parliament Report), Papadopoulos’ review is likely to become a standard citation for future work into the production and consumption of media with sexual themes.

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